Who we are

UNIVERSAL GALVANIZER SDN. BHD. has been in this industry since January 2012 after we have transformed our company name from Unicoat (M) Sdn Bhd. In actual fact, the pioneer of our company has been running this industry under the flagship of Unicoat (M) Sdn. Bhd. since July 2008 and has continued to serve its customers without fail until today.

Our company started Mechanical Galvanizing with 2 tumblers of 300 kgs capacity in a 650 sq. ft. building but has continued to expand our business throughout this period. Today we have a total of 6 tumblers in a 12,000 sq. ft. factory which could meet a production capacity of 150 M.T. per shift monthly. The management has always emphasis on QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) and the success on the cooperation between our production and sales team had cultivated new heights in servicing our customers. We take pride in our ability to ensure customer satisfaction.

In 2016, we have started Hot Dip Galvanizing with kettle size of 3.3m (L) x 1.0m (W) x 1.8m (D). While we can hot dip parts up to 5.5meter in length, we are specializing in small parts & fasteners using Hot Dip Galvanizing spinning process. Today, we can achieve averagely 500 M.T per month in our Hot Dip Galvanizing plant.

Universal Galvanizer Sdn. Bhd. continues to have a customer come first attitude as we strive to be quick and responsive in an effort to process material in an expedient manner. Our production flow is designed for 2 shift operation to fully optimize processing capacity which is capable of meeting customers’ urgent goods requirements.