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What is Mechanical Galvanizing

Mechanical Galvanizing is a controlled process that serves the same prupose as Hot-DIp Galvanizing where they both provide a protective layer of zinc coating function as a sacrificial or cathodic protection to a steel surface. The major difference in Mechanical Galvanizing compared to Hot-Dip Galvanizing is it operates in a room temperature which does not need medium voltage electricity (electroplating) or heat (Hot-Dip) as part of the process. The process of zinc coating is instead generated by a rotating barrel which transfers it's mechanical energy via glass mean impact and constantly instigates the zinc to be mechanically boned to the steel surface.



Uniform Coating

No Retapping

Rust Protection

No H Embrittlement

No Galling/ Sticking

Batch Conformity

Prevent Tangling

Overall Appearance



Comparing electro-plating, hot-dip and mechanical galvanizing


Hot Dip Galvanizing

Uneven thread surface with harden molten zinc deposits.
Additional treatment such as re-tapping will be required


Mechanical Galvanizing

Even thread surface ready to use.



General Industries

Fasterners, Washers, U-Bolt, I Bolt, Speakers, Springs, Clips, Chain, Rivet, Nails, Brackets.


Construction Industries

Bolts and Nuts, Deck Screw, Self-Tapping Screw, Roof Fasteners, Marine Dock, Acoustical Ceiling.


Heavy Industries

Utility Pipes Systems, Electrical Appliance parts, Tie Rod, Welding Stud, Fastener Hardware, Chemical Plant Maintenance application parts, Load Lifting Applications.


Automotive Industries

Door Latches, Bearing Ring Assemblies, Seat Belt Anchor Bolt, Steering Control Products, Disc & Drum Break, Safety and Critical Parts.


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